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Color Infrared Ionian Seacoast AlbidonaColor Infrared Albidona Orchards on Ionian SeacoastColor Infrared on the way to Trebisacce Ionian SeacoastOrchards and Tractor Color Infrared Albidona Ionian SeacoastIonian Seacoast color infrared AlbidonaIonian Seacoast looking towards TrebisacceMasseria Torre di Albidona orchards and hotelRugged Mountains of Pollino National ParkMountain peaks Pollino National ParkTemple of Hera at MetapontoInfrared Temple of Hera at MetapontoHilltop streets of Morano CalabroRooftops Morano CalabroDawn breaking over the mountains of Morano CalabroHillside rooftops Morano CalabroRed Door, Blue Door PapasideroSantuario di Santa Maria Papasidero